Big Brother Naija Eviction Week

​It was nomination week and five housemates:





and Miyonse 

were nominated by the housemates for eviction after receiving the least votes. Miyonse however was saved by new Head of House Uriel, who replaced him with Marvis. 

Housemates were called into the diary room by Biggie who gave them up to 45 mins to name their choice for eviction.
The nominations went as follows:

TallThinTony nominated Efe and Marvis

CoCoIce nominated Bisola and Uriel

Kemen nominated TallThinTony and Marvis

Uriel nominated Soma and Bally

Gifty went for Uriel and TallThinTony

Marvis nominated Kemen and Efe

Bally picked Uriel and Efe

Bisola nominated Efe and TallThinTony

TBoss nominated Bisola and Miyonse

Gifty nominated Uriel and TallThinTony

Efe nominated Marvis and TallThinTony

Miyonse chose TBoss and Soma.

At the end of the day, Bally, CoCoIce, Miyonse, TBoss and Kemen had the least votes. HOH Uriel decided to save Miyonse and replaced him with Marvis when given the opportunity by Biggie.

While the housemates expect the first eviction to take place on Sunday, Big Brother will be introducing a surprise, which is two additional housemates. 

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